The Family of Jesus and Mary is an Association of Committed believers, linked to the Congregation of the Religious of Jesus and Mary. In response to the universal call to holiness and in order to accomplish the apostolate which is proper to them the members wish to live according to the values of the Gospel, participating in the Charism of Saint Claudine Thevenet and her spirituality.

The official feast of the Family of Jesus and Mary is on the 3rd February. It is also possible to celebrate it on October 6th the Anniversary of the Foundation of the Congregation. Like Claudine, the members of the FJM want to be the leaven which makes love penetrate and grow around them; they want to be the salt which brings flavor, joy and meaning to those with whom they live; they want to be light which is put on a lampstand and makes radiate the goodness of God.

The Congregation of the Religious of Jesus and Mary considers the members of the Family of Jesus and Mary as being called to be part of the great family of Jesus and Mary and assures them prayer, friendship and spiritual support. I am happy to say that we have 4 groups which form the AFJM. Efforts have been made to establish the Family of Jesus and Mary but for various reasons it has not made much headway, as North India has very few Catholics which consist of first or second generation Catholics. Sometimes our Distances are great and people are not able to reach meeting sites easily. I had the joy of meeting the group at Sardhana, Chalil and Davao, Philippines when I accompanied Sr. Rosely Joseph and Sr. Josna Fernandez during the Canonical Visitation 2016. The newly formed group of the AFJM at CJM, New Delhi is doing well. The groups are closely united in rendering their services to the church and to the suffering humanity at all times. This spirituality is reflected too, in the Heart of Mary as we make our own Her Sentiments. We acquire the delicacy, tenderness, preference for those who suffer more, for those who are abandoned and for the poorest. We express this in the Eucharist, bread of life, so that we also may become Bread broken, bread of Unity, Bread that is shared.



Report of the Activities of AFJM

There are eight members who have willingly become the part of the family of Jesus and Mary. The following are the activities through which we show our love and keep the Jesus and Mary spirit active and alive.

To grow in spirituality and deepen our love for Jesus and Mary, AFJM members spent more time in prayer and meditation. Active participation at Parish level. Sunday School. Family visits especially the poor and the sick. To uplift the girl child we contribute towards their education.

We have joined the community project of CJM Sardhana “pliftment of poor women of neighbourhood by starting self help groups. The members helped the sisters to sell the products of these poor women.

AFJM take active part in celebrating the Feast Days of St. Claudine and Blessed Dina.

A few members are also part of Mahila Mandal at Parish Level where we take an opportunity to make Jesus and Mary know and loved. The members take remedial classes for the weak students. We also help to maintain discipline in the school. We also conduct value based Assemblies in the school . We participate in the Bible festival

We hope in future we will be able to involve ourselves in many other activities.



Report of the Activities of AFJM

Family of Jesus and Mary association started in Chalil in 2013 with a small group of members. But in 2014 the Association was organised well and on the 3rd Feb 2014, 19 members took the membership during the Holy Eucharist at the parish church. Superior of the house received them by giving a scapular and a rosary.

In the evening at 3p.m the members gathered at the convent chapel and had a short prayer service and a power pint presentation about the apostolate and different activities of our Congregation. Usually every two month the members meet at the Convent chapel for a holy hour followed by a meeting and a tea, with all the sisters.

The members carry on the activities like visiting the sick, old and the dying, in the families and in the hospitals. The members take an active part to prepare the Eucharist specially on the feast days of St.Claudine and Blessed Dina. They also do the cleaning of the church and surrounding as per need is concerned. They help out in the choir and reading, during the Eucharist. On the first Sunday of Advent we have a special prayer service in the convent chapel and each member gets their advent friend and the gifts are exchanged at Christmas , followed by high tea. On Sundays they are available to take Catechism classes .When the sisters are sick in the hospitals they volunteer to do hospital duties.

During the year of Mercy everyday we set aside Rs.1 to build a hospital for the mentally retarded people who are at present in “Holy-Mount” Kannur diocese. In the year of consecrated life, they also conducted special Holy Hour on Thursdays in the Convent Chapel praying for our parish, diocese , country and the world at large, also for vocation.




Report of the Activities of AFJM

We the Community of CJM, Delhi feel pleased to share with you about the growth and wonderful works done by FJM members. They consist of 17 members. Regular meetings are conducted. At Adoration during this year of Mercy, they pray for the families, Society and for Peace in the World.

“Keep Charity as the Apple of your Eye” – True to the words of our Mother Foundress, they do in their own little way, help the poor and needy in their neighbourhood and render their services to the Church. They visit the Orphanage and an Old Age Home to share with them material, spiritual and psychological help.

At meetings the group reads and reflects on the life and virtues of St. Claudine. The members organize remedial classes for the weaker children. The group desires to bring forth the corporal and Spiritual works of Mercy to all in the Society and the world.




Report of the Activities


The Digos group was inaugurated in 2006, when our First group of Sisters, Sr.Rosely Joseph and Sr.Mercy Abraham started our mission in the Philippines.

When the sisters left the Diocese of Digos to Davao, the AFJM group continued their mission under the guidance of the sisters in Davao.Now there are 26 members at present.

The main activities of the AFJM:

1.Live out the Spirituality of Jesus and mary where ever they work in various fields.

2. Monthly meetings for faith sharing and Rosary

3.Conducting Rosary with the street children in the Datoc Compound in Digos City where there are many poor families and Nomads lives.

4. Arranging Christmas Party for the poor children and give them small gifts the members collected.


The Davao group was started in 2010 after our Sisters transferred to the Arch Diocese of Davao in 2009. There were few members . Many have left due to change of residence or jobs in Davao City.Now in 2016, 10 members joined the AFJM group. All of the new members are our teachers and employees.Now there are 15 members in Davao. The AFJM have their faith sharing and spiritual guidance on the spirituality of Jesus and Mary. The teachers consciously make an effort put in to the mind of our students the virtues and values of St.Claudine and her mission.

The group has recollection days, Holy hour, Faith sharing and Rosary together once in a while.

The AFJM group has collected clothes and food items for the Typhoon victims and distributed. They collect Toilet requisites, towels etc, can foods etc. from the students and distribute to the poor street children.